Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chapter Sixty-four

Stone, in the intell office watched the activity on the Citadel and suddenly realized that he was looking at the solution. Someone had gotten into the Citadel and was creating a problem for it, internal sabotage. If the Citadel was firing at empty space it meant the sensors and equipment was fouled and that could be the answer for them.

He hit the intership communication and said, "Colonel, I think it's time to launch everything."
There was an instant's hesitation and the Colonel said, "You have something?"

"The Citadel is firing all its weapons."

There was no response from the Colonel. Instead a klaxon began to sound. The Colonel was scrambling the flight crews. They were going to attack the Citadel immediately.

Stone ran from the intell office, down the corridor, and to the flight bay. He ran across the deck to his ship and opened the hatch. He pulled himself up, into the cockpit and flipped on the switches. He ran through the run up quickly. He pulled the shoulder harness around, buckled himself in, and announced to flight control that he was ready to roll.

"Roger, four," said flight control. "Stand by."

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