Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chapter Sixty-nine

Inside the Citadel the situation was growing worse. Hot spots were exploding all over the interior, but now only a few of them were caused by Monier. It sensed the shaking deep underground from the block busting weapon that Monier had imaged. It was shutting more and more of itself down, trying to protect the delicate internal circuits. The threat was too great. The danger was too great.

Monier kept pressing the advantge. She kept shifting the hot spots and creating the shaking of the ground. Now she began to think about a volcanic eruption. She tried to convince the sensors that the surface of the Citadel was superheating as magma bubbled to the surface.

The Citadel could no longer cope with all the threats... not the threats from space that seemed to drop out of nowhere just to attack it... not the threats of the heating of its internal components... and certainly not the threats of the coming volcanic eruption. It felt itself being destroy by forces that only hours ago it had swept from the skies and the ground around it. Now those forces, aided by nature were about to overwhelm it.

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