Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Exploration Chronicles

One of my goals in life was to become a Science Fiction writer. I have had limited success with this, publishing a number of books but only a couple of short stories. I have come close with some stories, but somehow haven’t really broken through into that arena. Here, now, I can publish those stories and maybe find out if I was right about them or if Science Fiction Fandom doesn’t agree.

But I digress. I do have copies of my books and offer them for sale here. First up is the series known as Exploration and made up of the books, Signals, Starship, FTL and The Gate. The series looks at various ways to explore the galaxy, taking into account some of the problems faced by science.

The books retailed at $6.99, but I’ll let them go at five bucks each with five bucks for shipping and handling (and for those of you keeping score at home, that five bucks pays for the envelop and the postage). You can have all four for twenty bucks, but only have to spring for shipping and handling for one, or for a total of twenty-five bucks.

If you would like them signed, please let me know who to make it out to, and if you would like something specific written in the book, let me know. I’m game for nearly anything... but please note, I said nearly anything.

And no, I don’t make a lot of money on this, but see it as a way of introducing my work to a wider audience. And hey, you might enjoy the stories. Thanks.

Send you check or money order to:

Kevin D. Randle
PO Box 10934
Cedar Rapids, IA 52410

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Lee said...

Way Cool!
I just finished reading "The Gate", which I borrowed from my local library. I googled you, and came across this blog, and the book offer.

My money for the series is on the way! I really enjoyed The Gate. Is that the end of the series?